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Utilising Self Storage on Your Colliers Wood Move
    12 July 2016
    Utilising Self Storage on Your Colliers Wood Move

    Utilising Self Storage on your Collier’s Wood MoveCollier’s Wood is the London town that’s built for people who need to shop, with two large shopping centres, packed out with goods and convenience. The retail parks aren’t the only thing that’s convenient, it’s well connected with the London Underground’s northern line, so you could be out shopping in the morning and out visiting your grandparents by the afternoon.

    So, assuming that travelling and shopping are featured heavily on your main agenda, let’s get on with the moving tips. So, imagine the scene, you’re far through the packing process. You’ve done everything correctly, using proper, heavy duty boxes and packaging materials. Then, you realise that you’ve got far more boxes that your moving van will allow. Or you receive word that your new home won’t be ready for a few days longer, or if your move is delayed in a different way. In any case, you’ll need to utilise self storage.

    What is self storage, you ask? Well to put it simply, it’s private storage space that you can rent for as long as you need. There’s plenty of choice for size, from the small, locker type that you can use to store documents and stationary, to large garages, big enough to store a car or three. Whichever you need, of course, depends on how much space you need to free up, or how much over the van’s storage capacity you are.

    For moving convenience, it’s a good idea to find a self storage firm that’s nearby. Search the web, or the local yellow pages to find a handful, then once you’ve made a list, go and check their customer’s feedback to see which ones provide the best customer service at the best price. If you can’t find one within convenient driving distance, then don’t fret, most of these firms provide an moving storage service (for an extra charge), where they’ll send a van over and pick your stuff up, and re-deliver at your convenience. Just make sure, though, that they offer instant access to your goods, just in case you need them at the last minute.

    If you’re not using this extra service, however, you’ll have to load the self storage container yourself. Here are a couple of guidelines to make sure they leave storage in the same condition that you put them in;

    First, if you need to stack boxes, make sure you put the lighter ones at the top, and the heavier ones at the bottom. That way, the heavier boxes won’t be crushed under the weight of the lighter ones, and the lighter ones will be easier to lift from a higher height. Don’t stack them up to a teetering height, though. Even a light box falling from a high height can cause serious injury to both its contents and to you. Second, if you’re storing upholstered goods, such as the three piece suite, or other soft, easily stained items, wrap them up in plastic. Do a thorough job, don’t leave any open spaces. This will protect them from water damage, staining and other nasties.

    So, with the clutter thinned out, you can once again move around your house, until the move is back on and you can get on with relocating your life. Be aware of the other uses of self storage, such as the ability to keep seasonal items out of the way when its not their season, or you could use the locker sized ones to store your little trinkets that you don’t have space for, but can’t bear to be without. No matter what your storage problem is, self storage might have your answer.

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