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The Simple and Effective Way to Relocate your Business
    13 January 2016
    The Simple and Effective Way to Relocate your Business

    Relocating your business is an occasion that often calls for both excitement and panic alike. Maybe you have come to a stage where your business has grown to point that you need to expand and there is no other way except moving your premises! A lot of businesses find that they need to take on new staff, and they need to enlist the help of a trusted removal company to be able to help them undertake this new move. Below is a simple checklist that will help you put everything in order when it comes to your relocation , to ensure that you do not miss out on anything :

    •    Make a checklist. In the frenzy of being able to gather all the belongings of your office, the furniture and the people, it is incredibly important to make a proper moving checklist on what is actually required to be able to move! Making a list helps you to stay calm at all times and follow the procedures to make your move go smoothly. This list can be printed out as many times as you like and can even be handed out to staff. This can be handy because you can delegate certain things to trusted members of staff in management to be able to do things for you.

    •    Start contacting service providers. From things like utilities to phone connections and even water cooler providers, everyone is equally important and has a right to know you are moving. The last thing that you want is for them to charge you extra when it comes to being obscure about your moving date. Lock down a date and stick to it. Once you have done that, and only when you have done that, contact a removals company to be able to book your entire move. It is the next logical step in line.

    •    As the prior statement, when you have given all your dates to your providers, it is imperative to book the moving company that you want to use in advance, so that it gives you time to manoeuvre in time, say if some things you don’t want to use the company for, things you can carry yourself in your car as well as additional things you may have forgotten to put down on the list. Your business is incredibly important and having the right professional team to help you do so, is even more.

    •    Inform all your clients ASAP about your new premises if you have one. You do not want your clients to be in any confusion when it comes to your new premises. One of the most cost effective ways to be able to do this, is actually put the new address on every email signature that you send out, or that your staff sends out; so that way anyone who receives your email, is made aware instantly that you will be trading from a new office as soon as your move goes through.

    •    Make absolutely sure that your new premises are ready to go straight from the jump. You’re running a business and you need to hit the ground running. Check that everything is ready in the new place as well making sure that the company you may have hired, has given a good clean of the new place, ensuring a fresh new start for you and your staff, literally.

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