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Moving into a Smaller Home in the W5 Area
    13 January 2016
    Moving into a Smaller Home in the W5 Area

    Moving into a Smaller Home in the W5 AreaThere are many different reasons why you might choose to move to a smaller home in the W5 area, you may be forced to due to being unable to afford your larger property, you may want to buy a home in a higher end location which may mean compromising on size, or you may just want some of the benefits that come with a smaller home.

    What are the benefits of living in a smaller house?

    • The house will be easier to give a deep clean when you first move into it.
    • The property will also be easier to regularly clean and therefore keep clean.
    • The decorating won’t take as long to complete, furthermore it shouldn’t cost as much to do when you first move in.
    • You will be able to better keep up with the repairs and modifications on the property.
    • A smaller property is easier to maintain in terms of keeping it warm, it does not take as long to heat up and often contains the heat for a longer period of time, thus reducing the amount that you spend on your heating bills.
    • Taxes and insurance are cheaper on a smaller house.
    • Because smaller homes are cheaper, they are more affordable to a larger percentage of the population, as a result of this they are often easier to sell.
    • Families that live in smaller accommodation are forced to spend more time together, at the very least in the same room, this often results in a closer family unit.
    • Moving into a smaller home is a perfect time to de-clutter and get rid of some things that you have been holding onto for too long.

    How do I de-clutter?

    Get some boxes and label them as store, sell, donate, recycle and dispose of. Choose a room to start with and empty it of all the things that you don’t intend to keep, everything you have removed from the room should be placed within one of the labelled boxes. Once the room has been thoroughly de-cluttered, move onto the next room in your house, until you have worked your way through the entire of your home.

    Anything you want to keep but cannot accommodate should be stored either with a relative or friend that has some space or with a reputable storage company. Belongings that are in good condition and are potentially valuable and/or desired, should be sold privately and anything else could be taken to a car boot sale. Donate as much as you feel like you can and recycle or dispose of everything else in the correct manner.

    What if I can’t decide what to keep?

    If you are struggling to decide whether or not to keep something, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do you use it?
    • Do you need/want it?
    • Is it multi-purpose?
    • Do you have anything else that does the same job?
    • Is the item sentimental to anyone in the house?
    • Is it still in a good state of repair?
    • Will it be needed in the new home?

    If the answer to most of these questions is no then you should probably get rid of it.

    How do I know how much I can take with me?

    Request the blue prints to your new home and start to pencil in where your belongings are going to go, this will give you a better idea as to how much room you have and therefore how much of your stuff you can take with you. Avoid overcrowding the home by trying to keep more than you can.

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