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Mistakes to Avoid when Moving to Elephant and Castle, London
    07 March 2016
    Mistakes to Avoid when Moving to Elephant and Castle, London

    Moving to Elephant and CastleMaking the move to Elephant and Castle can either be a happy, and relatively stress free process, or if you make enough mistakes during the move, the worst and most stressful thing you have ever had to do.  It is easy, especially if you are a first time buyer, to make some mistakes during the moving home process, but if you make yourself aware of the most common errors people make, and avoid making the same mistakes, you may find that the moving home process goes much smoother.

    Here are some of the more common things people either do wrong or can forget to do:

    •    Forgetting to call the removal company a day or two before the move.  There’s always a chance your removal hasn’t been properly recorded or some other error has been made, and the worst time to find this out is on removal day when your life is boxed up ready to go, and you have no way of transporting it.
    •    Packing your belongings wrong. Overloading boxes causes them and the things inside to become broken or damaged, under-loading boxes and not filling space with material (such as bed sheets) or paper can cause things to move around inside the box and become damaged, fragile items are often not wrapped in bubble wrap or a protective covering and the most common of mistakes is not labelling boxes.
    •    Not remembering to prepare the travelling route between properties in advance of the day, and planning an alternative route in case the one you were going to take becomes blocked or un-useable.
    •    Forgetting to dismantle furniture.  This can make it very difficult to get the furniture out the house and into the new home.
    •    Forgetting to measure the doors of the house may mean you are unable to get in furniture that cannot be dismantled, for example, your sofa.
    •    Not thinking about how to correctly load and unload the van.  If you have a removals company they may do this for you, but it’s always a good idea to consider it for yourself, make sure nothing heavy is on top of something fragile and ensure everything is secured. Overloading the van may mean that it does not work as efficiently, equally under-loading the van gives your belongings more space to move around inside.
    •    Planning a schedule that you are unable to keep to, this will add extra stress to the move that you do not need.  Furthermore going over schedule will incur further costs from any company services you need to use for longer.
    •    Wrongly estimating the size of the van and ordering one that is too small, resulting in you having to do more journeys costing more in both time and fuel.
    •    Forgetting to hire a plumber to disconnect and reconnect things like the washing machine up.
    •    Forgetting to make sure you can park a van close to the entrance of both your existing and new property.
    •    Not ensuring that there is insurance included in the payment you are making to the removal company.
    •    Forgetting to pack things that you might need on the day you move, such as all of your moving documentation and a kettle.
    •    Trying to move home yourself and realising you needed a removal company.
    •    Hiring a removal company on the ole basis of price.
    •    Not researching the removal company you hired, and reading real customer reviews on the service provided by the company to ensure that they are good.
    •    Believing that moving home yourself is cheaper than paying a removals company to help you.
    •    Moving things with you to your new property that are unnecessary, not needed or not wanted. Especially if you are moving to a smaller home and find you don’t have room for it anyway.  Remember you pay for what you move, if you’re not keeping something don’t move it to your new home.

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