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  • The movers at Van and Man Moving Company are not only incredibly friendly, really helpful and very knowledgeable, but do an exemplary job as well. I'll confess I wasn't expecting a lot, having worked with some rubbish moving people in the past, but these guys were just great, and did a bang up job.

    • Emily L.
  • Outstanding customer services!! I called Hire Man and Van office since I wanted to hire them to handle my home removals during the weekend. The conversation over the phone was promising as the receiver was polite, while she answered all my questions. I highly recommend.

    • Emily B.
  • My husband's company was shifting its location, and he wanted us to move our home so that he could be close to us. I did not support this at first considering the stress I had passed through during the last move. He promised that this time the move would be smooth since he was planning to hire HireManandVan that his friend had recommended. For sure, the relocation was the best. I did not handle anything as the movers were supposed to pack, load and unpack. This company provided us with the best value for our money. I do not mind about another move as long as we have the same company to help us relocate.

    • Joan T.
  • My sister is an absolute hoarder, and she told me she wanted me to help her move. I couldn't even begin to imagine it! So I called Hire Man and Van and they helped me set up moving services that were right for us, and truly very affordable. Their movers were very polite and listened to directions really well. It ended up making it a much more positive experience for everyone involved, thank you!

    • E. Andrews
  • Van and Man Moving Company is an honest company that gives their customers great value for money services. I used them for house moving recently and was shocked at how cheap they were.

    • B. Cook
  • If I need a removals company, I look no further than Man and Van Removal Service, they're professional, quick, and fairly priced. I am glad this company exists.

    • P. Wills
  • I can't rate the movers from Man and Van Removal Service highly enough. They did a terrific job and were affordable to hire too, making it an all-round great experience.

    • Lucy W.
  • Hire Man and Van is a moving company I can trust with anything during the busy time of a house move. I trusted them with a recent big move and I'm mightily glad I did. Not only was the service very professional and met my requirements, it was very cost-effective too, which made it all the more better.

    • Jane B.
  • Got a discounted removal service that was efficient too! HireManandVan have an exemplary customer service!

    • P. Tailor
  • HireManandVan delivered a remarkable home removal service at an affordable price! Highly recommended!

    • C. Southgate
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