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The Difference between a Removals and a Removals and Storage Company : The Facts
    13 January 2015
    The Difference between a Removals and a Removals and Storage Company : The Facts

    When we look to conduct relocation for ourselves or know a loved one who is doing so, we start to wonder what the best way forward is. We could just hire a removals company that is able to shift everything for us, using its expertise of movers or we could do it ourselves. And then sometimes, we get to the point where our end of lease has come up short and we’re left with an awkward waiting period when it comes to being able to shift our goods into the new place. We’ve taken the liberty of outlining the major differences between these two separate companies, making your house move fast and easy as well as seamless:

    A removal company

    Typically, a removal company is a company that helps you shift house by helping you shift your belongings. The most common forms we know of removals are things like man with van, which tend to do all the heavy lifting for you. It is practically impossible to move belongings you may possess when it comes down to things like chairs, sofas, tables, beds and cabinets among any other large items in your possession. Often you pay them either in advance or on the day depending on the company’s policy itself and they transport all your items. They are often reliable, rapid and safe to use with more than 9 in 10 house movers, booking a company to take care of all their moving requirements.

    A removal and storage company

    A removal and storage company is a step up from a standard company that basically helps you move house. They have experience when it comes down to storing all your items in instances such as when you have a gap between the place you are leaving as opposed to the place that you are currently in. Storage companies are all over the world and sometimes even offer furniture removal services as part of some of their additional services to be able to help house movers settle into their new house. These type of companies often also provide storage for businesses, which is ideal for any people moving house that also need things to be moved for the future for their business as well. Storage companies are often used by students who need to stick all their stuff in before they either move in or out of university making them very attractive because they are also very affordable. They also have removable items such as packing and crates and boxes which enable people either moving house or business to be able to use, without really having to bring any beforehand. A stand-alone removal company does not offer any help with packing for the most part, although some companies may go above and board to do so.

    Storage companies are also perfect for those people who are having things like home renovations. When there is no space for that large sofa suite as well as that huge dining table when you’re having fresh paint, wallpapering or any other extension or reduction, not to mention not wanting to get your possessions dirty, it simple to hire a company that is able to store your goods for safe keeping and hand them back to you when you’re ready.

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