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Student Removals: What Should I Bring?
    05 February 2015
    Student Removals: What Should I Bring?

    When you’re moving away to University or college, it can feel as if you’re trying to pack up and drag your whole life across the country. However, this isn’t practical or convenient. For those who are moving out of their parent’s home and moving house for the first time it can be difficult to know what to take and what to leave behind. On one hand, you don’t want to bring too much, as having your own clear space while studying is crucial, but on the other hand, having familiar, comforting items which may not necessarily be essential can also help relax you and prevent home sickness. Here are some pointers on what to bring while relocating for University or college.

    Don’t bring your whole wardrobe. The chances are, you’ll be moving in late summer or early autumn so bring appropriate clothes for this weather. Don’t bring multiple heavy jackets and snow boots when the likelihood of you using them is next to zero. Later, when you visit home, you can exchange warmer weather clothes for cold weather clothes.

    Bring enough underwear for at least three pairs a day: morning, night and a spare. This way, you only need to do your laundry once a week and won’t run out. Underwear tends to be light-weight anyway, so bringing extra won’t take up too much room in your bag or weigh much. The same goes for socks.

    Bring enough tops for a different change every day and a couple of spares. Also a couple of pairs of jeans and other trousers. Bring a light jacket and a heavier one – you can wear one of these on the journey there to save you having to pack and carry it. Also bring two sets of pyjamas, jumpers and any other extra clothing items. Just remember to only bring a one or two. Bring these in a bag with you while you travel, rather than to the removal service which might be helping you, as these are likely to be lighter.

    When it comes to toiletries, only bring the essential items you need. You can always buy more upon arrival. Bring a moisturizer, cleanser, face wash, makeup, shower gel, shaving foam, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. Choose one perfume or aftershave to bring, don’t bring your whole collection. Keep in mind that you won’t be locked away from civilisation and can purchase additional items as you settle in.

    The chances are, you’ll be bringing a laptop to help you study at University and keep in contact with people back home. Don’t bring a games console, as this can end up eating into your study time and will likely be heavy when moving. Instead, bring a few of your favourite DVDs or even download movies onto your laptop so you have something to watch.

    Make sure you also bring your phone, along with a charger so you can always be in contact with your loved ones.
    If you like reading, only bring one or two books. Books are heavy and if you decide to bring your whole library, the weight of your luggage can get really unmanageable. However, if you do have a removal service helping, they can load this onto their removal van.

    Creature comforts
    Bring either a cuddly toy, scented candle or framed photo that reminds you of home when you move to University. Having one or two personal items in your student accommodation to remind you of home can not only help relax you but can pick you up if you have a down moment.

    If you’re not using movers, get a suitcase with wheels to transport your belongings rather than a holdall which you have to carry. This way, if it does get too heavy, especially on the return journey with all your books, it’ll be easier to manage.

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