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Sometimes E14 Packing Services are Worth the Cost
    14 January 2016
    Sometimes E14 Packing Services are Worth the Cost

    Sometimes E14 Packing Services are Worth the CostWhen you are giving thought to your removals, you will likely think that moving house is expensive enough without the luxury of a packing service. The general consensus about having someone pack your stuff for you is that it’s a step too far in the lazy direction, but in reality it is no different than having someone lift your boxes for you! Sometimes E14 packing services are worth the cost, simply based on the amount of time, effort and potential money that they can save!

    Put it this way, you could be an extremely busy working mother, who needs to juggle a job, children and all sorts of other things alongside the move. if you have to organize a move as well as pack up the house with only a little help from your other half, then you will likely lose any time for yourself, and will almost definitely find that being so busy impacts on your relationship with your kids and makes you tired at work. The obvious thing to do is take some time off of work to make sure that you can get everything done over a couple of days, but that means that you’re either losing out on your paycheck for those days, or cutting down on the amount of paid holiday that you have to yourself. In this case the packing service will be perfect for your needs, and the extra couple of hundred quid that you may spend will be made up for by being able to work as well as spend time with your loved ones and friends. It will also mean that you can get the rest of the move properly sorted out, and not have to rush into other decisions without giving them due thought, care and attention, which can result in serious problems later down the line.

    So, packing services are perfect for those who do not really have that much time, but can afford it, and perhaps even for those who don’t think they can afford it. With this in mind there is another monetary issue to keep in consideration when thinking about getting a packing service in. Many E14 removals companies will not insure boxes of items that they have not packed themselves. This could be a con, or just sensible thinking from the company designed to avoid them getting stung by breakage expenses. Whichever way you think about it, it makes sense, as you could have packed everything really badly, and taped up the box, meaning that even when placed down carefully, a load of delicate glassware could break, and the removal company E14 would have no idea! That said, it does mean that you are sort of forced into using a packing service if you want to reduce the risk factor during your move. This may mean that you can bargain down a decent price for the packing service, based on the fact that they are forcing you to use it, and you may well find that the extra that you pay for the service is well worth it in the end, as the time that you have saved to make sure that other things in your life are sorted will mean that you are generally much happier and content.

    Whichever way you look at it, a packing service can be great for certain people, so don’t discount the option before you’ve considered all the options!

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