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Moving into an Unfurnished Brompton Property? What you will Need
    12 July 2016
    Moving into an Unfurnished Brompton Property? What you will Need

    Moving into an Unfurnished Brompton Property – What you will NeedBrompton lies in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, and is a very in demand area. You can often save a lot of money when renting a property unfurnished, but it can be all too easy to overlook essential items that you’ll need when moving in, as we often take such everyday necessities for granted. Below are some things you won’t want to overlook if renting an unfurnished property in the Brompton area.

    Kitchenware and Cutlery

    You probably won‘t need to worry about buying a cooker or oven, but things like crockery, pots, pans and cutlery are unlikely to be in the property. You can find most of these goods online fairly easily, so look out for offers to get the best value for money. Another good money saving option is to ask family or friends if they have any of these things spare, but overall a set of basic cutlery and kitchenware should not be too expensive. Try to get at least 4 of everything if you plan on having friends over. Even if not, having a couple of spares can be useful.


    You might not need both, but having a sofa at least is going to be a necessity. Again, try asking around friends and family, especially other people you know who might be moving, and see if you can take an unwanted sofa or couple of chairs. How much you want to spend will likely depend on how long you plan to stay, as moving a sofa can be hard work. If you don’t want to have to buy a brand new one, then other options include checking the internet for unwanted or cheap living room items. A small dining table and a few chairs is something else that is always useful to have.

    Bed and wardrobe

    You will definitely need a bed, and some kind of storage for your clothes. Clothing rails can be easy to move in and quite useful, although you can often pick up cheap drawers and bedside tables from second hand shops and the internet. You may already find that a bed frame is provided, which means you’ll only need bedding essentials such as a mattress and sheets etc.

    TV, Internet and Phone

    While you may not need a landline phone, line rental for the internet generally includes the use of landlines in the prices, so it can be worthwhile picking up an affordable phone to make full use of your service. It can be a good idea to check what options and connections you have available when you move in, especially if your property is part of a fairly modern apartment building. Most new properties like this will have access to satellite and internet services building wide. Try and get your internet services in place one month before you move, as everything will be up and running quite soon after you move in this way. You may prefer, if you’re saving money, to simply use your laptop or computer to stream TV, although again, many providers will offer complete TV/phone/internet packages, so in order to get the most out of these services a TV can be essential. Try the internet for second hand and sale items.


    If not built in, then you’ll need one of these as soon as possible. If space is a concern, then small fridges can be a great solution, but otherwise these will save you a fortune in the long run, as easting out will get very expensive very quickly.

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