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Moving House to Sutton the Fundamentals
    12 July 2016
    Moving House to Sutton the Fundamentals

    Moving House to Sutton – the FundamentalsMoving to the outskirts of London can be a pleasant move for those about to raise a family. You can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the quieter climes of the country, but will not have to sacrifice any of the excitement that London has to offer, because of the ease that you can connect to the capital with. If you’re moving house in Sutton however, there are a few stresses and strains that come with the process that may well eclipse the excitement you have for your new life. We will try and give you all the hints and tips that you could need to get your head around the many difficulties involved in the move.

    Planning in advance is very important when starting the moving process. Get together a decent list of everything that needs doing, and take a note of anything that you think can go wrong. Run the list and notes past a friend or relation who can give you a different opinion and perspective on the matter, as this way you will avoid any nasty surprises! Consider how you want to play out the move, are you looking for a hands free experience, or are you looking to save money by getting as involved as possible? There are companies that will cater for every eventuality, including doing the whole move for you, from packing and providing storage, to unpacking and setting up. The regular Sutton move will involve you packing and unpacking, but hiring men to get the lifting work done. This is of course not necessarily the only way to go, you may want to rent a van yourself and get your family involved to do all of the grunt work. If you go down this route then there is a lot to be said for hiring any students in your family who are looking for a bit of spare cash, as they will often work for half of what you would pay a removal man. Another tip is to promise the whole family a big dinner at the other side of the move, as a way of saying thanks, and also getting the family together under one roof and around the same table!

    When you know exactly what kind of service you want, shop around a bit for a decent quote from your delivery men. Don’t just go for the first price that you are given, spend the time to find out how prices vary, and barter with them for a better deal. You will be surprised at how much you can reduce a price if you’re clever!

    Make sure that your team are properly briefed, with instructions and a plan of the new house. Label each room in the new house with the appropriate name, so that the right boxes are put in the correct places. Draw on to the plan the places in which the larger furniture goes, to prevent having to do any heavy lifting once the removal team have disappeared!

    Make sure that you are familiar with your remover’s terms and conditions, as well as their code of conduct. It is rare, but should you be unhappy with the service supplied by the team, it is best to have exact reasons for your displeasure, and even evidence. If there is damage that has been done by the team, then report it, and find out exactly what you can back for such things. Making sure that your removals team are insured to a level that is appropriate for your house is also well advised.

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