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Moving Checklist for your Bow Move
    13 January 2016
    Moving Checklist for your Bow Move

    Moving Checklist for your Bow MoveWe all know that moving house in East London can be in real pain, and with all the different things that you need to keep in mind, it may be useful to read our moving check list, for Bow and all of the London boroughs.

    Research your removals company. make sure you’re getting the right service for the right price by comparing different quotes and reading customer reviews. These companies will be responsible for your most valuable possessions along with all that you and your family hold dear to your hearts as well. Its worth spending the time to make sure that your company is right for you.

    Make sure that you’re considerate of your time frame. There are other ways to make your move than doing it all on the same day! Work out how much overlap you can give your self, and perhaps visit your new home as soon as it is vacated, if you have time, to do any redecorating and general sorting out that you may want to do. Getting this sorted before you move tonnes of boxes into the property will allow you some breathing space to get the job done properly and to a good standard. This is also a great time to get a decent deep clean done, so that you start properly fresh with your new home, and feel comfortable in it from the off! Get the carpets washed and the whole house dusted from top to bottom, you may even be able to get a cleaning service to do it, as it should not take too long with the lack of furniture getting in the way. Also use this time before you move in to get your phone line, gas and electricity set up and the internet sorted, also arrange the postal redirection at this point, so that you do not find your self in less than pleasant conditions on your first night in the new place.

    If you can stagger the move, it will certainly take the pressure off. Moving a few small items over a few days and getting them unpacked in a relaxed manner can make the madness of the big move a lot easier to cope with. If you are going down the storage route, then get that sorted as one less thing to worry about on the day. The last thing you need if a load of items that have no place in your new home cluttering the place as you try to get settled.

    Think carefully about the time of day that you’ll be on the road. The weekend is obviously less busy in terms of traffic than the week day, but if you move on a bank holiday and need to use the motorway then you’re likely to get very stuck! If your removals team charge a premium on extra hours over time, then you may find the traffic both frustrating and horrendously expensive.

    Be considerate of those who are moving in to your old place, as they will be facing the same stress as you. Make sure the house is cleaned to a decent level before you leave, and make sure that their set up is quick and easy. Leave a not to say hello, with contact numbers and email addresses, with clear instructions for appliances and other things that can be difficult to get working when you first move in. This will help your relationship with the new owners, and encourage them to help you out, with post being sent on and the like.

    Take a meter reading on the day of the move in both properties, to avoid being over charged by your energy company.

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