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Long Distance Moves? How Container Movers and SW1 Storage Can Make Things Easier
    12 July 2016
    Long Distance Moves? How Container Movers and SW1 Storage Can Make Things Easier

    Long Distance Moves – How Container Movers and SW1 Storage Can Make Things EasierWhen planning a long distance relocation, there are a number of options that are available. Container movers have begun to increase in popularity in recent years because of their convenience and cost when compared to hiring a SW1 storage space and removal company at the same time.

    What container moving companies provide

    Essentially, container SW1 moving companies rent out shipping containers of varying sizes. Once you have chosen a container, the company will deliver it to your current property. While these have generally been used for moving abroad in the past, there are a few companies that are starting to provide this service for long distance moves within the UK. Once you have the container, you load it in your own time, and arrange with the company when to pick it up, where to deliver it and when.

    Advantages over other types of service

    One of the biggest advantages of using a container moving service is the convenience. You can order a shipping container well in advance of moving day, for example, and have plenty of time to pack the container at your own pace. By packing yourself, you can generally rule out the worry of any of your goods being mishandled or accidents happening, which although rare, can happen when you hire SW1 removal companies.

    Another advantage is cost. It may often work out cheaper to hire the container than hiring a removal company and storage unit separately, or even including storage as an additional service from a removals company. It can also save the hassle of having to either pay someone to get your things out of storage, or having to get them yourself, as everything will arrive at your new home exactly how you left it.

    Of course, as mentioned, use of a container is only really value for money if you are moving a long distance. For local moves, you probably won’t get as good value for money, and going through the logistics of having a container dropped off, loaded, picked up, put into storage, delivered and unloaded will most likely end up taking more time than is necessary.

    Using storage

    Sometimes, simply using storage may be preferable, depending on your moving circumstances. If you are planning on doing most of the move yourself for example, or have an easy way to pick items up that are stored near your new home, you may prefer to simply get a removal service to deliver your items to storage, and then pick them up yourself.

    Things to keep in mind

    If you are making use of storage or a container mover, then bear in mind that it is very likely you will arrive at your new property before your household items. As a result, it can make sense to keep a few boxes or suitcases of essentials with you when you make the trip yourself. General everyday things such as a couple of cooking pans, plates, cutlery, mugs, a kettle, and overnight necessities will make all the difference while you wait for the rest of your things to arrive, and also save you having to waste money buying lots of things you already have. Although this could be seen as a downside to using such services, by planning ahead and being prepared, you can easily make the first night in your new home enjoyable and relaxing.

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