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From continental Europe to London the House Move to Shepherds Bush
    12 July 2016
    From continental Europe to London the House Move to Shepherds Bush

    From Continental Europe To London – The House Move To Shepherd’s BushThe area of Shepherd’s Bush is situated in central London which can make a house move even more challenging. Navigating in the London traffic and finding a convenient place to park the moving truck isn’t an easy task. If your new house or flat is on a busy street it can take you a while just to park and start unloading your belongings. An international move is usually both exciting and overwhelming, because there are too many details to think about and sort out.

    Moving from a European country to London will bring lots of change to your lifestyle without doubt. The first one will be the cultural shock once you realize London is your new home and you have to get used to everything. No matter where in Europe you live, London is a city like no other – large, busy and cosmopolitan. It attracts millions of visitors and thousands of people move to London in the search of a better life, more opportunities and a career. Whether you are going to rent a house or a flat, or you’ve had the chance to buy your own place, there will be plenty of things to organize before you can sit and enjoy the new home.

    First of all, start with the search of a removals company – a few months before your approximate moving date. An international move is a tough one and it won’t be cheap either. Moreover, an international move to London might mean your belongings being literally shipped. Depending on where in Europe you currently live, your entire household will have to be packed and securely transported with two or more means of transport. This increases the risk for your belongings. Damages, scratches and breakings can happen on the road, even if you hire the best moving company on the market. However, you need to take your time and look for a mover that actually has the necessary expertise and experience in long-distance and international relocations. Don’t make any compromises with the choice of a moving company – it’s better to be safe than sorry. The safety of your household possessions is the most important thing when moving on such a long-distance. The packing materials that are used, the packing techniques and the tools have to be second to none. Check for the testimonials of past clients of the company you are considering to hire. This will give you an idea of whether to trust the mover completely or not. The insurance is another important factor when doing an international house move. You need full coverage of all your belongings (their monetary value, not their weight) from the minute the packers arrive to the moment when everything has been unloaded in your new home. Some of the things that you need to take care of in advance include:

    • Gathering all important documents – medical and dental record, veterinary records of your pets, certificates and diplomas, academic transcripts, financial information, insurance papers, wills, etc.

    • Transferring any documents, credit card information and bank details.

    • Ensuring that the utility services will be set up at your new home – gas, cable, telephone, Internet, electricity, etc.

    • Looking for a new school for your children in advance and discussing it with them.

    Consider these invaluable tips for your international move and get ready to say hello to your new life in London.

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