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Estimating the Costs of your Move to SW4 Area
    13 January 2016
    Estimating the Costs of your Move to SW4 Area

    Estimating the Costs of your Move to SW4 AreaThe London area with postcode SW4 is the area of Clapham and Stokwell. Moving house is a serious challenge for everyone, especially if you haven’t moved before. However, London is a big city, full of many opportunities which you will love. Before you manage to enjoy the change of location though, you need to focus on the moving process, which is a big undertaking. Whether you are moving with your family or on your own, there will be a lot to take care of. The biggest task is packing an entire household and shifting it to London. If you don’t live in London, you need to look for a reputable removals company which specializes in intercity and long-distance relocations.

    If you want to have the easiest possible house move, you should hire packers and movers which will organize the whole process for you and take care of the moving day in the best possible way. The moving day is the most stressful time of the moving process and it requires proper organization. Before you make any final decisions though you need to make sure you can estimate the costs of the house move correctly.

    Weight of goods and volume
    The moving company will charge you for packing your goods, loading them into the moving truck, transporting to the new location and unloading the boxes and the furniture. It’s easy to understand that the more items you have, the longer this process will be and therefore more expensive for you. Having fewer items will be cheaper to pack and transport. A full house clearance is essential before you ask for a quote – simply get rid of all those old and useless items you don’t need anymore. Depending on the number of items and the volume of your shipment, your moving costs will be estimated by the moving company. Moreover, they will estimate the amount of packing material needed, the equipment and the man power. This will also determine the size of the moving truck and based on the distance of the move – the fuel and the time required for the overall transportation.

    You need an inventory list from the very start of the moving process. Based on it, you can keep track of the packing, the budget and the unpacking too. Keep in mind that a considerable amount of money is spent on the packing material (quality cardboard moving boxes, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, packing tape, etc.). If you hire a green moving company the packing material they use will be recycled which will reduce the costs considerably. Or you can look for packing material yourself and buy a bundle or even rent it.

    The distance of the move has a direct impact on the cost of the relocation and it’s not an area of the move you can negotiate much unfortunately. The cost is based on the size of the truck, the distance, the time and the fuel and it’s almost always fixed.

    There are also add-on services which increase the moving bill, such as re-arranging of goods, unpacking and cleaning. The cost of shifting is also something to be aware of – if there isn’t a lift in your building you will be charged an extra fee.

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