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Choose The Best Time Of The Year To Move House - Hire A Tooting Rental Van
    12 July 2016
    Choose The Best Time Of The Year To Move House - Hire A Tooting Rental Van

    Choose The Best Time Of The Year To Move House – Hire A Tooting Rental VanThe peak season for moving house is the summer, as this is the time when you have the most daylight hours in a day, and the least chance of rain ruining your items as they are being moved from your house and are exposed out in the open. For this reason, it is much harder to find a good deal on moving house with a removals company during the summer months, as everyone is booked up, and those who are not can charge a premium for their services. You will want to book in advance to get the best deals anyway, but if you have a choice as to when you move, there are great advantages to be found in moving during the off peak season, especially as winter gets on. It may be that you have a large move to do, and that you finalize on your exchange during the summer, so you have no choice, but if there is any chance that you can do it in the winter, then you will likely find that things are a fair bit cheaper for you.

    Another way in which to make the whole thing a fair bit cheaper, is to do things yourself. If you have a flexible time frame for the move, then you can start to think about how you’re going to perform it, and a freedom in the sense of time means that you can get things done at your own pace, under your own steam. This can be most easily done by renting out your own van, so that the move can be undergone over a few days, without you having to worry about paying a driver for his time. The rental of van by the day is pretty cheap and they usually come insured, so if it’s a leisurely move that you want then this may be a great option for you. Rather than rushing into a move and getting a Tooting removals team to take over your house for a long and exhausting day, you can get a few friends and family round to load up the van in a less rushed and hurried way, then drive the distance under your own schedule, and arrive and unpack in a similar fashion. You may even want to do a few trips to keep it a bit more relaxed, and so that you can use a van that you’re capable of driving, as the transition from a normal car to a long wheelbase van can be quite hairy, especially if it is the first time.

    So, there are a couple of ways in which to make your move a bit cheaper, no matter what your budget; choose the best time of year to move house, or hire a Tooting rental van. Whichever you go for however, be aware of the downsides to both. Hiring a removals company can be expensive even at an off peak time, so you should think hard about whether you really need such a large service. Van hire has it’s downsides as well, in that you will not have any experienced individuals on side to help you out if you can’t make a decision. This is also the case with moving larger or heavier objects. You may find that the learning curve is pretty steep when you’re trying to get a sofa down a tight staircase, and the damage that you do to the walls, sofa and potentially yourselves may not be worth the savings of avoiding a Tooting removals company.

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