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Advice For Moving House To Harrow When Pregnant
    29Jul 2015
    Advice For Moving House To Harrow When Pregnant

    Moving house, and growing another human being in your body, are two of the most stressful things most people will ever experience. Combined, the whole ordeal of house relocation to Harrow with one in the oven may seem like an impossible task. While this kind of situation can never really be ideal, there are certain things you can do to take a significant amount of stress out of it.

    Relocation can be needed for a variety of things, mainly abrupt changes in your or your partner’s job, so the timing is rarely going to perfect, and more often than not, a complete nuisance. When life throws you in the deep end like this, organization is one of the most important factors. When moving to HA2 while pregnant, it’s likely that your hormones are going to be behaving fairly erratically, so you don’t want to take on any more stress than is absolutely necessary. The second you decide you are definitely moving house to Harrow, start planning ahead by drawing up a draft moving checklist. This is recommended even if you’ve never been one for making lists; you don’t want to leave anything to chance with something as important as relocation. Another important thing to remember is to abandon any stubborn pride you may be known for, and accept help from anyone, especially if you’re moving by yourself. Packing large, heavy items into boxes isn’t a task most doctors would recommend to pregnant women, so if anyone offers to come over and help out, you should probably accept it. If you contact a few people for help and they seem a little reluctant, offer a takeaway as an incentive and they’ll come in droves.

    Another important point to remember is to leave yourself as much time as possible when it comes to the packing phase. When pregnant, women tire much more easily than otherwise, so start packing early to allow as many or as little breaks as you need. These will take a big chunk of the pressure off, and ultimately lead to the whole experience being much less stressful. Labelling everything is also very important; this will save you (and your family) from any miniature emotional catastrophes that may be stirred up when you get to your new home and can’t find something you’re looking for. We all know that women can have strange cravings with the hormonal imbalance that comes with pregnancy, so keep anything you’ve developed a strong, sudden attachment to close at hand during the move to HA1. Depending on your specific situation, you may be in frequent contact with doctors, chemists and the like. Make sure that all of these medical professionals know you’re moving home, mainly so that your records are changed correctly, but also so that these professionals can give you other pointers depending on your unique set of circumstances.

    Another stressful element of relocation can come with completing the move, then realising you urgently need something from a shop, but have no idea where the nearest one is! Checking out your new neighbourhood in advance can take care of problems like this, and may give you a chance to become acquainted with some of your new neighbours in Harrow, HA2 before you settle in. If this is out of the question in the physical sense, there are probably many online groups you can join to chat to people from the local area, which will make you feel less isolated when you finally unpack and settle into your new place. Perhaps the most important tip you can take on board is to relax, and try to think more about the exciting new experiences the wait for you, rather than the stress in the present moment.

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